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Camp FAQs

Must campers wear a camp T-shirt every day?
How religious is Camp Gan Israel?
What does my camper need to bring each day? 
How can I speak with my child's counselor?

Must campers wear a camp T-shirt every day?
Yes, we require that all campers wear a Camp Gan Israel T-shirt each day. Each camper should purchase at least two T-shirts before camp begins. Since all camp staff and campers wear camp shirts, we are instantly recognizable to each other. While on field trips camp shirts distinguish our campers and staff from other visitors. While at camp, it allows our staff to recognize any visiting children, parents, etc. Camp shirts and caps will be available for purchase before the start of camp.

 How religious is Camp Gan Israel?
CGI is a totally non-judgemental environment made up of campers from all Jewish backgrounds. An individual's level of observance is not stressed. All children enjoy a shared Jewish spirit through songs and projects.

 What does my camper need to bring each day?
Campers only need a bathing suit and towel each day, regardless of the weather. We supply all sports and safety equipment. Please apply sunscreen at home.

 How can I speak with my child's counsleor? 
A call to the camp office will answer most questions. Since counselors are constantly supervising groups and activities, messages will be taken at the camp office. Please leave your name and evening phone number and the counselor will return your call as soon as possible.

Camp Dates
Summer 2016
June 27 - July 29
Early Bird
Register by May 7th , 2016
to get 10% off camp fees