Enrolling my children in Chabad Hebrew School wasTestimonials
perhaps one of the best  decisions I made for their
Jewish education.  What they are learning is authentic and real, with a concentration in core Torah values. The teachers themselves are wonderful role models, showing us all what living Jewishly really means.  
- Deborah P.

Just a sincere note of heart felt thanks to all of you.  How quickly time flies by and our children grow.  It was just three years ago when I hesitated to make calls to research Hebrew School for our children.  Somehow I was guided to make that call to you.  From then, so many good things have come to our family.  Our three children now attend your school weekly and they look forward to their time with their teachers.  Yes, it’s true!  They enjoy learning about their culture & customs.  Of course they struggle at times to learn the language.  This is normal.  However, what you overwhelmingly offer and most schools lack is the passion for teaching the children and their individual success.  Some children have special needs, some children are slow learners, and some children are just silly.  But at Chabad Hebrew School, all children are equal and are taught at their own speed.  It’s only when they are ready, that they move on in language skills but the children never tire of going to Hebrew School.  You do so many wonderful programs for the children and their families.  The children very much look forward to each holiday event.  They learn, have fun and create many, many memories with their fellow students, families and you.  One of our favorite gatherings is the Friday night Shabbat Dinner.  It is a wonderful time when the families of Chabad Hebrew School enjoy a catered meal and blessings together.  Even when the event is over, guests linger because the evening was so beautiful.  It is not just a school but also an extension of family.  Lastly we want to thank you for your website.  It is a terrific, informative tool and the children love seeing pictures of themselves from the many events that they’ve attended.  Our family is truly blessed to have your family and Chabad Hebrew School in our lives.  We are rich for it and the children do say “We aint gonna work on Saturday”!
- Traci W. and Family

My daughter really enjoys Hebrew School.  As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she asks me, "Is today a Hebrew School day?".  Her excitement is a true testament to your program.
- Sharon K.

After two weeks in your Hebrew School my son knows more than he learned in his entire Hebrew School education!  His joy and excitement for Judaism is so apparent.  I am amazed at how much knowledge you can impart in such a short lesson. Thank you for bringing the joys of Judaism alive for my son.
- David G.

When choosing a Hebrew School for my child I looked for a Hebrew School where there were happy faces on the children.  Seeing your students race into Hebrew School - I knew I wanted my son to be educated in your program.  Now, I watch my son run into Hebrew School and I am so proud.  Thank you!
- Mark L.

Your staff is superb!  The care and devotion that they show each child is unparalleled.  I know that when I drop off my daughter she is in the care of amazing teachers who love what they teach and make my daughter their first priority.
- Karen P.

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